Advance Ayurveda Course

Marma Panchkarma Treatment Protocols on Various Diseases (with Practical Training)

Therapies means know all the procedure in details with their indication and how to care the patient during procedure and their medical record.

Marma Panchkarma Course Detail


12th Any Stream


14 Days


Regular & Online


25,000 /-

Marma Panchkarma Course Syllabus



  • Basic anatomy & physiology
  • Quality practice of Panchkarma therapist should know the
  • Each procedure of Panchkarma in detail
  • Their indication
  • Contraindication
  • Benefits of procedure
  • Basic treatment and first aid during procedure



  • Poorv karma & Panchkarma like: Abhyanga procedure with marma point, direction of abhyanga according to disease
  • Benefits
  • Contraindication
  • How to treat patient
  • How to prepare their medical records
  • Disease in which abhyanga can be recommended


Various Type Of Swedan Chikitsa Like:

  • Steam bath
  • Baluka swedan
  • Patra Pinda Swedna
  • Shastika shali pind swedan
  • Jambeer Potali
  • Ruksha Potali, Sanigadh Potali and other types of Potali


Kati Basti, Greewabasti, Janubasti, Harid Basti, Nabhi Basti

  • Indication Of Disease
  • Contraindication Of Disease
  • How To Choose The Patient
  • Recommended Oil For Various Disease
  • How To Treat Complication During Procedure
  • Medical Record



  • Takr Dhara
  • Kashya Dhara
  • Shiropichu
  • Shiro Basti


Basic concept of

  • Vaman
  • Virechan
  • Basti (Anuasan, Niruha)
  • Nasyam
  • Rakt Mokshan


Concept of 107 marma points in detail the site any effects

Study Material

  1. How to prepare Potali according to disease, drugs herbs, vat shamak drugs, their identification, their usage & effects on body.
  2. How to recover complication during the procedure.
  3. Potali effects & side effects & their treatments
  4. How to prepare medical records of patients under swedna treatment

According to diseases treated with Panchkarma treatment For doctors:

  1. How to diagnose, Panchkarma procedure for particular disease?
  2. How to treat complication during Panchkarma procedure?
  3. Detail study about basti treatment in various disease like: sandhigat vat, aam vat, intestine problems, paralysis, lumbar spondylosis.
  4. Role of shriavedya in various disease like frozen shoulder, cervical, back pain, sciatica, skin disease, specific points for shiravedya, benefits & complication treatments.
  5. Vidha karma & Agni karma treatment in knee joint pain, osteoarthritis, how to diagnostic various type of knee joint pain.
  6. Drugs used in Panchkarma procedure, their mechanical action & benefit to the body.

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