Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic : Course, Eligibility, Syllabus, Colleges, Fees, Salary

Ayurveda Marma therapy is for balancing the prana energy & removing the blockage of energy in your body. Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice which focuses on the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body for the purposes of supporting the healing process. Marma therapy is based on the utilization of vital points in the body which are considered to be access points to body, mind, and consciousness.

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic): Course Highlights

3 Months
Course Mode
Regular & Online
Course Fee (INR)
Top Recruiting Areas
Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda clinic, Panchkarma centre
Job Positions
Ayurvedic practitioners, Ayurvedic consultants

Why Study Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic?

The Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Course delves into the profound realms of Ayurveda, offering a comprehensive understanding of Marma therapy, Agni Karma techniques, and advanced Shiravedya practices. This course is designed for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in Ayurvedic healing, enabling them to offer enhanced therapeutic solutions to their patients. By studying this course, you will not only expand your professional skills but also contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals seeking authentic Ayurvedic treatments.

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Eligibility

To be eligible for the Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Course, applicants must have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda or related fields from a recognized institution. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate a keen interest in Ayurvedic healing and a commitment to professional development in this field.

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic: Syllabus

  • The subjects that are taught through the entire 3 Month course structure of Marma Agni Karma Course is tabulated below

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Syllabus

01 Month

1. Basic anatomy & physiology
2. Defination
3. Types of Marma
4. Detail study about –
– – Anatomy marmas
– – Their Site & Size

5. Detail of Marma according to Ayurveda Classical books
– – Sadhyo pranahara marma
– – Kalantara marma
– – Vishalyaghna marma
– – Vailkalyakara marma
– – Rujakara marma

6. Importance of Marma in Surgery & marma points according to diseases
7. Viddha lakshana


1. Agni Karma

  • Defination
  • Importance of ak
  • Instruments use in ak
  • Specific Time & types,
  • Session of ak
  • Indications & contra
  • Assement of samyak dagdha lakshana
  • Assement of durdagdha lakshana
  • Assement of ati dagdha lakshana
  • Specific site of ak accroding to diseases
  • Detail procedure, purva karma, prdharn Karma, paschat Karma,
  • Mode of action
  • Diet after agni karma


  • Rakta as chaturtha dosha
    Raktamokshana: Definition ,synonyms, classification and advantage of raktamokshana
  • Prachanna: Definition, indications and procedures
  • Shrunga: Definition,qualities, procedure obstacles faced by physicians and modifications
  • Alabu: Definition, ideal qualities ,preparation and procedure Ghati Yantra
  • Jalauka: Definition, classification, habitat, indication and procedure
  • Leech: Bioactive substance of leech, action, limitation and solution in leech therapy with importance.
  • Siravyadha: Indication, contraindications, procedure, site of siravyadha in various disease, avyadha sira, dushtavyadha prakara, pathya apathya importance and mode of action.

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Jobs

Marma Agni Karma, Shiravedya Advance Ayurvedic Course can pursue various career opportunities, including:

  • Ayurvedic practitioners in clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers
  • Ayurvedic consultants for individuals and organizations
  • Researchers in Ayurvedic medicine and therapies
  • Educators and trainers in Ayurvedic institutes and colleges

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