Diploma in PG Panchkarma


Diploma in PG Panchkarma is a 2 years diploma course in the domain of Ayurveda. Panchakarma ayurveda training program is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind, and consciousness. Panchakarma is a two-year diploma program in the field of Ayurveda. The primary goal of this program is to prepare applicants to practice Ayurveda with quality measures, Students can learn the skills of Ayurvedic diagnosis and management as Ayush Doctors The main purpose of this program is by covering the various field of Ayurveda to make applicants proficient enough to carry on their own practice by opening their clinic as well as score well in future organizations.




BAMS/ Equilant 


2 Year


Regular & Online




50,000 Per Year


Hindi & English

Benefits Of Panchkarma Course:

  • Learn under guidance of World renowned Panchkarma most influential professor of Panchkarma
  • Highest level Panchkarma experience
  • Live video classes
  • Hands on training program
  • Can open Panchkarma hospital empanelment by all major TPA of India


Year 1

  1. Human anatomy and physiology modern and ayurvedic concept.
  2. Basic principle of Ayurveda (dosa analysis dhaatu, Mala, saritaa, dincharya, ritucharya, trivadh, aasthvidh, dashvidh Pariksha, nadi analysis.
  3. Quality measured all Panchakarma therapies ( purv karam, Pradhan karam ,padhat karam, samsrjan karma, diet,regime during all pranchkarma)
  4. History of Ayurveda clinical concept examination of patient according to disease
  5. Basic knowledge of drvya guna ,bhesjya kalpana.(herbs used in panchkarm therapy , preparation of swaras,kawath, himkalpna,kalka, phanta etc
  6. practical concept of all procedure , ( videos and theory available for study.)

Year 2

  1. Rog nidan (planning of ayurvedic treatment for particular disease, according classical reference and morden view.
  2. Fundamental of Panchkarma processure.
  3. Principles of vaman, virechan, basti (their up drivas and how to treat the complications)
  4. Practical Training of Panchkarma, Aganikarma & Raktmokshna
  5. Marma chikitsa and para surgical measure ment (detail, importance of marma and parasurgical in panchkarma)
  6. Practical Clinical researches on all panchkarma treatment.

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