Course detail

Diploma in Nutrition & Dietician(DND)


12 Any Stream 

2 Year

Regular & Distance 

50,000 /-

Course Syllabus

1 Year 2 Year
Basic IntroductionNutrition & Diets in Diseases
Digestion & AbsorptionAssessment of Nutritional Status
Macro NutrientsMalnutrition
Energy & CarbohydratesFood Commodities and Safety
Proteins & FatsNutrition for fitness in sports
Vitamins, Minerals & WaterObesity Management
Nutrition during pregnancy and lactationMenu Planning & Calories burnt
Infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood & ageingCalories burnt during various activities
Methods of cooking, exchange list & menu planningInvestigations and normal parameters, Nutrition for Overweight and obesity eating disorders, Weight Management, Sports Athletes, Fitness & Cardio vascular diseases etc.
Nutrition in weight Management, Renal disorders & Liver disorders
Nutrition for sprots, hypertension & bone health
Nutrition for diabetes & Anemia
Calories burnt for various activities

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